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Human Body – a temple of the divine.

Yoga constantly reminds us that our Body is the Temple of the Divine. It where divinity dwells in and as Human. The role of Yogic practices is to control the external and internal variables so that this invariable divine manifests and is experienced through the body. Indian temples are an extension of this Yogic philosophy and constructed to facilitate this practice through worship and meditation. All Indian Temples are constructed based on the laws laid out in the Tantric and Agama text of the Indic religions. It is a metaphoric merger of the macro and the microcosms.

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You cannot practice Meditation.

Constant technological interruptions and targetted interventions have been successful in preventing us from achieving concentration; a fundamental building block of physical, mental, creative, spiritual and overall holistic well being. As technology gathers and learns from all the inputs it collects from our behaviour, it becomes stronger and ever - more precise in keeping us engaged. If there is no intense and honest counter effort to retain our focus and turn our agency inwards, dissonance at personal and social level will intensify. There are no two ways about it.

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Abhyasa is the individual effort; the practice of Ashtanga to become the Observer and be vigilant to maintain the state of Concentration. An important aspect here is 'Bhava ' - thoughts manifesting as intense feelings.  Abundance of Knowledge and Wealth can result in Bhava of Pride and Superiority. But for a Yogi, the ‘Bhava’ of Humility or ‘Namrata’ is a virtue he cannot afford to lose. For therein begins the process to overcome the Ego, to lose the pride, to experience equality and Oneness within and without.

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What develops Sattva ?

The path of liberation starts within. We have potent forces inside, which, if devised wisely. The Gunas belong to the intelligence and not to the self. They subdue each other, which means a guna will only dominate when the two others are suppressed,at the same time they support and produce each other and consort together, meaning they depend on each other and never exist or act separately. Through the use of Sattvik events, thoughts or behaviors, the Sattva Guna is stimulated and strengthened. This is known as Inner transformation of Yoga. 

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