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Why do I find Meditation to be hard ?

Author: Kwench / Juni 23, 2021 11:47

Why do I find Meditation to be particularly hard ?
Why do I find meditation boring ?
Why do I become restless while meditating ?
Why does things seem to slow down while meditating ? 
Why am I unable to sit in meditation for more than X minutes ?

Because Meditation is tough. It needs lots of consistent work. To almost all of us, it does not come naturally  

All this while, driven by desire, directed by impulses and compelled by instinct our mind is in a constant state of turbulence.  

And now we have an idea about the concept of meditation and we find it hard. Not surprising !   

If you think rewiring you mind is easy, think again.  

But the best thing you are doing is trying.

Any small amount of work is better than no work. It will all lead to improvement. Keep at it.