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Wearing the right Gym Vest or Stringer can be a performance booster.

Author: Kwench / May 17, 2021 09:00

If you want to get the the most from your practice, training or workouts, a vest really is the best workout top to wear…

Freedom of movement :

No matter which body part your are traning for or which asana you aim to achieve, a maximum range of motion is critical to reaching that goal. Almost everyone has experienced that a bad fitting top not only prohibits the from achieveing that maximum contraction or stretch but also is nagging distraction keeping you out off focus. 

Shoulders and arms can move freely in vests and stringers offer the maximum range of motion for unrestricted movement. 

Progress Tracking : 

When you regularly practice or workout in your gym stringers or Vests, your shoulders and arms are always visible not only to others but mainly to you. Vision plays an important role in connecting your awareness with  the muscle group involved. Seeing the muscle group respond to your practice is the first steop of internalising that movement in order to refine it for maximum gains. 

Motivation :

Last but not the the least, motivation plays an important role in bringing about the discipline and consistancy in your practice. With all the concentrated efforts and sacrifices made to achieve your current state of being, nobody deserves it more than you to experience that great feeling when you come out fully charged after your training.  

Flaunt that well-kept physique with a sleeveless gym vest, stringer vest or muscle vest from our collection. Muscle fit or loose we have the perfect vest top that will suit you training needs.  Our Gym and Yoga vests are made of the finest fabrics to offer you best collection of bodybuilding vests  

Choose from stringer vests with thin shoulder straps, deep cut neckline, body fits which hug the muscular physique and offer maximum range of movement whilst working out.  

Our square cut gym tank tops have thicker shoulder straps and straight body which gives you a broader look.  

If your looking for a new men's Yoga or gym vest then Kwench is your brand.  Our completely original range of mens Yoga and muscle vest tops are the best option online. Practicing yoga or working out in a tank top or vest at the gym or Yoga studio not only displays your hard earned muscle gains but  also allows for maximum range of motion unrestricted by clothing.  

All our mens yoga and gym vests and muscle tank tops are made to suit your body type so that you can focus on your training! If you are someone who likes their vest for the gym to be completely original, you'll absolutely love our unique designs! If your not a fitness junkie and looking for that perfect new mens  summer vest or top then our collection is also ideal for leisure wear.

For awesome men's gym clothes , bodybuilding gear and yoga apparel at great value prices, Kwench Wear is your place to be.