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Why am I scared of being alone with myself?

Author: Kwench / June 28, 2021 16:53

Why is getting to know myself scary?
I am not consistent because I am scared of being alone with myself ?
Is it normal to be scared of your own thoughts ?
How to control your thoughts when you have anxiety?
How to overcome anxiety thoughts?

Spending time with your own thoughts can be sometimes scary. Constant stream of uncontrollable thoughts...one after the other where the beginning is the end is the beginning… can be a roller coaster ride, difficult to get a grip on.  

A feeling of lack of control can be exhausting and an arising temptation to give-up could lead to inconsistency, frustration, regret. At the same time legitimate fears arising out of previous experiences and future insecurity could be daunting.  

To recognise and become aware of these feelings and emotions is the beginning of the process of self-awareness.  For it is normal for your mind to be occupied with the past or to be worried about the future. To become aware of these journeys helps to bring it to the present… 

Scared of your own thoughts